I specialize in Prenatal and Postpartum massage, perinatal craniosacral therapy, and recovery from difficult birth. I weave together skills I have learned as a bodywork professional and trained prenatal, birth and attachment specialist.

Prenatal Massage and Craniosacral Therapy can decrease stress, increase immunity and endocrine function, and relieve discomforts related to pregnancy.  It can also help decrease maternal depression and help prepare the expecting mother for birth.

Postpartum Massage and Craniosacral Therapy helps the mom recovery, relieves discomforts related to nursing and baby holding, and also with postpartum depression.  There are special protocols for the mom who experiences c-section.

Working with Baby: Please see the section on my website on working with babies under Recovery From Birth.  I have studied many years to learn to work with babies.

Family Play Sessions:  When families have had difficulty preconception, prenatally, during birth or postpartum, it can show up later in the behavior of the child.  I am trained to work with nervous system regulation in children (and adults, too!) through play.  In these sessions, I set up my treatment room with tunnels, tents, toys of all kinds, puppets, stuffed animals, foam swords and balls.  When the child comes in the room, I watch what they want to play with, how they respond to different animals, how they use their body and then whenever possible, I involve the parent in co-regulation type play.  These games often boil down to four distinct themes:  Protection and safety; bonding and attachment; creative opposition and empowerment, and birth.  Most children will not lay still on my massage table for the still and subtle skills of craniosacral therapy for very long, so I combine play with a little bit of craniosacral therapy.  I always respect the choices that children make; if they don’t want to play or want to have bodywork, I stop.

You can prepare your little one for a session by telling them it will be play and touch.

Please fill out my intake forms under the Informed Consent Forms for Sessions section on my website.

Specials for Pregnant Women:
$70 massages the last month of pregnancy
First home or hospital visit fee waived
Doula Package: 2 prenatal massages, 1 baby treatment/assessment, 1 postpartum massage $240
For Families Who Have Had Difficulty Prenatally, with Birth or Postpartum
This approach is for you if you:
• Are experiencing a stressful pregnancy
• Had a traumatic birth
• Are having difficulty bonding with your baby
• Feel depressed after birth
• Have pain or difficulty walking since pregnancy

This approach is for you and your baby if your baby has:
• Colic
• Reflux
• Body stiffness or little tone
• Cranial molding from birth/ in utero
• Sleep issues
• Attachment issues
• Nursing/feeding difficulties
• Development delays
• Crawling or walking concerns
• NICU experience