All classes taught at the Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Programs at 1710 Allied St., Suite 20B

Baby-Body Mother-Mind(c): An Integrated Approach for Lifelong Health and Happiness for Mom and Baby

In this short talk you will learn:

  • How safety gets programmed into the body
  • How to evoke it in others with simple exercises
  • What happens when you combine presence, attunement and your baby
  • Bodywork and affirmations to set up lifelong health and happiness for you and your baby.
  • Includes handouts, video footage, powerpoint, exercises

Open to moms and precrawling babies and pregnant moms.  Fee: $15


From Anxiety to Safety: The Couple as Sanctuary for Childbirth and Beyond

This is also a new seminar for pregnant couples that teaches how they can find safety and sanctuary before childbirth, and how to apply that to themselves, the birth of their child, and early family life.  It will go over how anxiety is easily passed down genetically, how it gets pushed into expression, how it can be active in babies, how couples can resource and even change this genetic expression, and how to reinforce it with loving action. Fee $25 per couple

  • The ‘felt sense’ of safety and why that is important for health, and most especially childbirth
  • Some science behind anxiety and happiness
  • Information about how to settle an anxious nervous system
  • Patterns of behavior if fear and vigilance are unconscious and imbedded in the nervous system, and what to do about it as a couple
  • Affirmations and relaxation as practice for childbirth and beyond

Babies Together and Toddlers Together

Babies Together is a six-week class for caregiver’s with precrawling babies.  Fee: $70
• Reading your baby’s cues
• The importance of tummy time
• Baby massage and movement
• Bonding and attachment
• Songs, interactive play, lullabies
• Why activation and rest cycles are important and how to observe them in your baby
• Neuroscience of relationship
• And more

The column on the left is a picture of the frontal cortex neurons of a newborn. The column on the right is a picture of the neurons of the frontal cortex in a two year old.   From: Magic Trees of the Mind by Marion Diamond and Janet Hopson.
Neurons that Fire Together Wire Together
Neurons that Fire Apart Wire Apart

If Genes are the Architect of the Brain,
Then Experience is the Carpenter

Did you know . . .?

  • That the neural connections in a baby’s brain develop rapidly from the third trimester in utero until 3 years of age?
  • That a baby’s nervous system goes 10 times slower than an adult’s?
  • About the importance of tummy time to a baby’s development?
  • That specific kinds of movement are key to brain development?
  • That interactive positive experiences with a caregiver encourage neural networks and therefore perceptions that increase the potential for a happy healthy life on all levels?
  • That all the senses play an important role in brain development?
  • That combined touch and song activate both sides of the brain, increasing neural pathways between the two sides of the brain?
My classes will answer all these questions and more.

Toddlers Together is for families and caregivers with crawling, waddling and toddling children.  Six classes that include circles songs, interactive play and movement:

  • Balltime ~ fun with balls
  • Tunneltime ~ fun with tunnels
  • Floortime ~ circle time games
  • Sensetime ~ play with scarves and more, sensory play
  • Rhythmtime ~ all kinds of rhythm play
  • Surprisetime ~ depends on who in the class Surpise!

Fee:  $15 drop in, Purchase a card of 6 classes for $70

The First Hour After Birth

Come find out more about why the first hour after birth is so important to the mother-baby bond and the physiology of the baby.  Fee $15 per ind. $25 per couple

  • Baby friendly movement
  • 9 distinct stages of the baby
  • Movie showing exactly with the stages look like
  • Handout
  • What to do if the first hour is interrupted


The Foundations of Human Experience: Felt Sense Seminars in Pre and Perinatal Health and Healing

This is an experiential class working with the nervous system imprints that form a strong basis for health in human beings.  It is based on pre and perinatal healthy imprints, or experiences that program the human on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels but remain in the implicit or what we call procedural realm.  The focus of these classes is engaging the nervous system from the ground up, working primarily with the brainstem and mid-brain with a container for the cognitive part to help make meaning of the experiences.  Each class begins with a meditation that helps participants feels their bodies and its development sequence.  This meditation orients the participant to the nervous system in a very physical way emphasizing presence.  The six classes are divided by the following themes:
  • Principles of Connection and Safety
  • Early Healthy Imprints
  • Cycle of Attunement
  • Cycle of Satisfaction
  • Working with Difficulty
  • Spiritual Integration

Fee: $110

Prenatal Bonding: Conscious Pregnancy for Couples

Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but it can also be a difficult time for many people. Kate has developed a prenatal education class called Conscious Pregnancy that informs expectant couples of the latest research in pre and perinatal psychology and neuroscience. She weaves science, storytelling, mind-body medicine, and art so parents can express feelings in a creative and safe way.  This class will offered on Saturday afternoons.  Four week class is $95 per couple.