Location of the Office

My Office is located at 103 Caty Lane in the new neighborhood of Belvedere. You can see the location on the map if you click on the address.

Google does not have Caty Lane on their maps yet, so I have located my main house (658 Tyree Lane) on the link above. My studio is in the little carriage house behind the main house.

The neighborhood is located next to Fairview Swim Club.  If you google that, you will also find directions.

Please come Rio Rd (East) to Belvedere Boulevard (next to Covenant Church).  Come in one mile to the traffic circle, go around to Farrow Dr (3/4 way around) Turn Right.  Turn left onto Tyree Lane.  Go around the next corner and look for a parking spot on the street.   I have a sign on the gate to my house.

You can also come across the bridge called Free State Road.  Google Maps will take you that way.