I offer high quality massage and craniosacral therapy in a private setting in the Belvedere Neighborhood off of Rio Rd. Click on the sections above or to the right under links for more information and prices of services.  I also offer articles and powerpoint presentations about my work under Resources.

Days of practice: Tuesday through Friday

Hours of practice: 9 am – 7 pm depending on the day, click the Book Now button.

  • Fees: $85 per hour, $110 per hour and a half.  Half hour appointments possible.
  • Family Sessions: Newborn Education, Breastfeeding support, Craniosacral for Mom and Baby, Parent Education, Recovery from Difficult Labor and Delivery: $65-$85 sliding scale.
  • Somatic Experiencing Sessions.  This is a mind-body integrated approach utilizing the body’s felt sense.  For information on what it is see the website, www.traumahealing.org $85 per hour
  • Bodywork for Stabilization and Trauma Resolution: An interactive, introspective model that addresses chronic pain and other long-held patterns in the body. Sessions are 1 hour 15 min, and are $100

Pregnancy Specials:

  • Last Month of Pregnancy: $70 per 1 hour session, $100 per 1.5 hour session
  • First Session Postpartum At Home/Hospital: Travel Fee Waived (5 mile radius)
  • Doula Package: 2 Prenatal Massages, Newborn Support (craniosacral therapy, breastfeeding support, parent education), 1 Massage Postpartum $240 (Best deal!), ad $20 for massage home visit after birth within 5 mile radius
  • Purchase 5 massages for $350, makes it $70 a massage.

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Here are methods I am trained in: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy * Myofascial Release * Trigger Point Therapy * Medical Massage * Swedish Massage * Deep Tissue Massage * Pre- and Perinatal Massage * Infant Massage * Hot Stone Therapy  * Essential Oils * Plant Medicine * Recovery from Birth * Working with Babies, Children and Their Families * Prenatal Birth and Attachment Therapy * Breastfeeding Support * Somatic Experiencing.

Disclaimer:  I am a somatic trained practitioner specializing in bodywork for babies, adults, and pregnancy.  I am not a doctor, nurse or mental health practitioner.  I do not practice psychotherapy.