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I offer high quality massage and craniosacral therapy and lactation counseling in a private setting in the Belvedere Neighborhood off of Rio Rd. Click on the sections above or to the right under links for more information and prices of services.  I also offer articles and powerpoint presentations about my work under Resources.

Days of practice: Monday through Friday, some Saturdays

Hours of practice: 7:30 am – 7 pm depending on the day, click the Book Now button.

  • Fees: $80 per hour, $110 per hour and a half.  Half hour appointments possible.
  • Family Sessions: Newborn Education, Lactation, Craniosacral for Mom and Baby, Parent Education, Recovery from Difficult Labor and Delivery: $50-$80 sliding scale.
  • NEW: Somatic Experiencing Sessions!  This mind-body integrated approach is powerful.  For information on what it is see the website, www.traumahealing.com
  • NEW:  Pre and Perinatal Sessions: Private sessions exploring early patterns in the nervous system and how they impact your life today.  These sessions are 1.5 hours.
  • NEW:  Bodywork in Relationship: An interactive, introspective model that addresses chronic pain and other long-held patterns in the body.

Pregnancy Specials:

  • Last Month of Pregnancy: $60 per session
  • First Session Postpartum At Home/Hospital: Travel Fee Waived
  • Doula Package: 2 Prenatal Massages, Newborn Support (craniosacral therapy, lactation, parent education), 1 Massage Postpartum $240 (Best deal!)

When you come in my door, I am there for you 100% with whatever skills I have to help you feel better.  Your experience with me will be diverse and thorough.  A normal session may include some settling, a check-in that might include some resourcing verbally, intelligent bodywork of all kinds with your choice of oil, essential oil, cream, hot stones, craniosacral therapy.  For pre and perinatal work, I work with moms and babies together and separately, or with adults on the floor and the table.  I like meeting you where you are and my door is always open if you want to come back.  I make recommendations for treatment based on my years of experience.

Online appointment schedulingBook Your Appointment Online or call 434-996-2002

You will be given a login password.  Please let me know if you want to receive newsletters or not.  I send them quarterly.  I always include a coupon for reduced price sessions.

Next Class at Bend Yoga on February 28 at 12:30


Baby Massage Classes at Bend

Last Fridays  of the month in 2014

 12:30 – 1:30

Baby massage and communication with your newborn. For precrawling babies only. Free baby assessments. Learn:

  • How your baby self-regulates
  • Nonverbal cues from your baby
  • Techniques to calm a fussy baby
  • Handouts on soothing and sleep

Bodywork for mom and baby is more than just a good idea.  It can really make a difference physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and has foundations in science to prove its efficacy.

$15, includes bottle of jojoba massage oil

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Supporting  the Newborn Family:

Healing approaches with parents and

their newborn babies

Please join professional midwife Mary Jackson in a one-day

workshop on how to support birthing families, especially if

the pregnancy or birth was difficult.


You will learn:

  • Ways to connect present day behaviors to perinatal imprints
  • Gentle ways to integrate traumatic perinatal experiences
  • How babies tell and show their history

When:  May 3, 2014

Where: 5th floor conference room, Nursing School,

McLeod Hall, 202 Jeanette Lancaster Way
Charlottesville, VA 22903.  Parking is free in Parking Garage

Time: 10 am – 6 pm with 2 hours for lunch

Fee: $100 if paid before April 3 (early bird), $125 after that

Contact:  Kate White, katercst@gmail.com, 434-996-2002

CEUs for Nurses are Pending


Mary Jackson RN, CPM, LM, RCST, has been a home birth Midwife since 1975. She has attended over 2,000 births in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Ojai, California areas and is now attending home births with her second generation of babies. She has incorporated a two-year craniosacral training with Michael Shea and the two-year Castellino Prenatal and Birth Training into her midwifery practice. She has spoken internationally at conferences and trainings, schools, colleges, graduate programs, and at hospital trainings for doctors, nurses, and midwives; her work has appeared in nine books and several movies. She is involved with teaching prenatal and perinatal courses in Spain, England, Scotland, and Germany.

Introducing:  Bodywork in Relationship

An Integrated, Interactive, Introspective Approach to Healing

What is it?  A type of bodywork where the practitioner leads the client in an interactive process where the focus is on the “felt sense” of the client’s experience.  The practitioner orients the client to the present time and create conditions for the body’s experience to be felt and heard.  Great for chronic pain and recovery from any kind of overwhelming experience.  A big focus in on client resources and health in the system.

What does a session look like?  There are several ways I work with this model.  I use a seated model, interactive model where sometimes the clients moves about the room.  Or a client is lying down.  All work is done fully dressed.  I use biodynamic craniosacral therapy and deep pressure at different times.  Sometimes I combine seated, moving and lying down approaches.

Why is this important?  A revolution is happening in the healing arts because of discoveries in how we process information, with many thanks to Stephen Porges and his polyvagal theory.  This approach sees how often our nervous system regulates and heals in the presence of others.  Overwhelming experiences, especially early ones, can cause patterns of fight, flight, collapse, freeze, feint, that continue to loop unconsciously in the body.  This approach will help clients identify them and heal.  Try a session today!


Here are methods I am trained in: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy * Myofascial Release * Trigger Point Therapy * Medical Massage * Swedish Massage * Deep Tissue Massage * Pre- and Perinatal Massage * Infant Massage * Hot Stone Therapy * Energy Medicine * Essential Oils * Plant Medicine * Recovery from Birth * Working with Babies, Children and Their Families * Prenatal Birth and Attachment Therapy * Lactation Counseling (CLC) * Somatic Experiencing.