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I offer high quality massage and craniosacral therapy in a private setting in the Belvedere Neighborhood off of Rio Rd. Click on the sections above or to the right under links for more information and prices of services.  I also offer articles and powerpoint presentations about my work under Resources.

Days of practice: Monday through Friday, some Saturdays

Hours of practice: 9 am – 7 pm depending on the day, click the Book Now button.

  • Fees: $85 per hour, $120 per hour and a half.  Half hour appointments possible.
  • Family Sessions: Newborn Education, Breastfeeding support, Craniosacral for Mom and Baby, Parent Education, Recovery from Difficult Labor and Delivery: $65-$85 sliding scale.
  • Somatic Experiencing Sessions!  This is a mind-body integrated approach utlizing the body’s felt sense.  For information on what it is see the website, www.traumahealing.com $85 per hour
  • Pre and Perinatal Sessions: Private sessions exploring early patterns in the nervous system and how they impact your life today.  These sessions are 1.5 hours. $120 per session
  • Bodywork for Stabilization and Trauma Resolution: An interactive, introspective model that addresses chronic pain and other long-held patterns in the body. Sessions are 1 hour 15 min, and are $100

Pregnancy Specials:

  • Last Month of Pregnancy: $60 per session
  • First Session Postpartum At Home/Hospital: Travel Fee Waived
  • Doula Package: 2 Prenatal Massages, Newborn Support (craniosacral therapy, breastfeeding support, parent education), 1 Massage Postpartum $240 (Best deal!)

When you come in my door, I am there for you 100% with whatever skills I have to help you feel better.  Your experience with me will be diverse and thorough.  A normal session may include some settling, a check-in that might include some resourcing verbally, intelligent bodywork of all kinds with your choice of oil, essential oil, cream, hot stones, craniosacral therapy.  I like meeting you where you are and my door is always open if you want to come back.  I make recommendations for treatment based on my years of experience.

Online appointment schedulingBook Your Appointment Online or call 434-996-2002

You will be given a login password.  Please let me know if you want to receive newsletters or not.  I send them quarterly.  I always include a coupon for reduced price sessions.

Next Class at Bend Yoga on August 29 at 12:30


Baby Massage Classes at Bend

Last Fridays  of the month in 2014

 12:30 – 1:30

Baby massage and communication with your newborn. For precrawling babies only. Free baby assessments. Learn:

  • How your baby self-regulates
  • Nonverbal cues from your baby
  • Techniques to calm a fussy baby
  • Handouts on soothing and sleep

Bodywork for mom and baby is more than just a good idea.  It can really make a difference physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and has foundations in science to prove its efficacy.

$15, includes bottle of jojoba massage oil

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Opening: Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Programs

October 4, 2014

I will be offering Free Classes as a taste of offerings at my new center in the McIntire Plaza on October 4

11:30 Babies Together

1 pm Toddlers Together

3 pm  Introduction to Prenatal Bonding

5 pm – 6 pm Open House for Information

Address: 1710 Allied St. Suite 20 B.

See http://www.ppncenter.com for descriptions of the classes and to book your place in the free open house classes




Here are methods I am trained in: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy * Myofascial Release * Trigger Point Therapy * Medical Massage * Swedish Massage * Deep Tissue Massage * Pre- and Perinatal Massage * Infant Massage * Hot Stone Therapy  * Essential Oils * Plant Medicine * Recovery from Birth * Working with Babies, Children and Their Families * Prenatal Birth and Attachment Therapy * Breastfeeding Support * Somatic Experiencing.

About BIHA

Belvedere Integrated Healing Arts (BIHA) offers massage and craniosacral therapy, pre- and perinatal somatic health and nature awareness. Individual sessions include basic relaxing and therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy, and stabilization work blending touch and Somatic Experiencing. BIHA has a special program called MotherCare VA whose mission is to help families get the best possible start together. Clients can receive comprehensive support through prenatal education, recovery from birth, pre- and postnatal massage, family play sessions, and craniosacral therapy. BIHA specializes in helping adults, children, and babies recover from difficult births in particular.

Belvedere Integrated Healing Arts ~ 434-996-2002

About Kate

Kate Storyteller“As a young woman, I ended up working in Africa on a variety of projects. In West Africa, I fell in love with the notion of “griots” or community storytellers. What started with storytelling, street theatre and the zeal to live and work in Africa, ended with a lifelong passion for helping women and babies.

My career as an international professional spanned over a decade, with consultancies, fellowships, and experiences in improving maternal and child health services in Africa. When I returned to the United States in 1993, I became a massage therapist and began immediately working with women during pregnancy. My career as a bodyworker includes many different modalities. In 1999, I became a craniosacral therapist, when, to my surprise, my clients began to remember their births. I have been involved with pre and perinatal education ever since. As a professional, therapists like myself are part of a vanguard of therapists working with interdisciplinary fields of practice: My work combines elements of neuroscience, somatic therapy, emotional processing, obstetrics, embryology, and pre and perinatal somatic health.

In 2002, I moved to Vermont where I built a healing arts center dedicated to pre and perinatal health. Since I began my journey integrating all that I know into one therapeutic educational package, I have amassed hundreds of hours of education, practice and instruction that include the prenatal period, birthing education and supporting women postpartum. in 2008, I moved to Charlottesville, VA where I now make my home. When I look back, I realize I have been on this path since I was 20 years old.”